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The macaroons are the perfect compliment to your morning coffee; you're watching the morning foot traffic. The locals leisurely pass the cafes on the cobblestone street. You're planning your day, excited, but in no hurry to actually start it. The waiter is a little pretentious but that's okay because you wouldn't be in Paris if he wasn't.

Food in Paris is more than just the need to fuel up before the next art gallery. Eating in Paris is an event in itself. Every meal should be carefully orchestrated and savored. You're a tourist, so why not act like one and start your gastronomical adventure on the Champs Elysees. There are plenty of restaurants, bistros and cafes on this famous street that will awaken your pallet. A dining experience in the French Quarters is a must. The tourists come here to eat because the restaurants are great and the atmosphere is classic Paris. It doesn't make this area any less authentic. Moules et frites with some white wine or beef bourguignon with a bottle of red; every meal has its perfect pairing. When the dining experience is done correctly at the right restaurant it just seems perfect.

You will never forget your time at the Eiffel Tower or The Louvre. If you take the time to genuinely enjoy Parisian eateries, you will find that this is where you actually got to know and understand this great city.