Things to Do


A Parisian can walk down the street effortlessly, and make it look like a catwalk. Paris is the fashion capital of the world, which is one of many things that the locals take pride in. When you have exhausted the art galleries for the day, it is time to take part in a true Parisian past time, shopping. Shopping in Paris is like eating a hot dog on Coney Island, or drinking beer in Frankfurt. You feel like you are doing it in the very place it was invented, and you know it is your duty to do it with pride. If you're ready to take your shopping seriously here is where you start.

The Paris department store district puts the mall of the Americas to shame. An upscale shopping experience on a grand scale, this is a spot were you can get anything you need. The Marais is a more eclectic shopping experience. Paris' Antique and trinket one stop shop. The Rue de Rivoli under and around Les Halle is a Parisian shopping experience that compliments the famous outdoor food market. There are plenty of sites to see on the Champs-Elysees. On and around Avenue Montaigne you will also find some world class high end shopping. You may walk into these shopping districts looking like a tourist but after a few purchases you will walk out looking and feeling like a Parisian.